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Re: Lothar Project

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> >
> > Does any one know what license it is being published under ?
> > It is a really amazing project that could simplify
> > the installations tremendously
> RedHat has beeen collecting hardware signatures since Dec 97 when it
> released 5.0.  It will simplify installs but iyt will not write
> drivers by itself.

There are many things that give trouble to set up but have proper 
drivers.  My SB16 was a pain because I didn't know the syntax for 
/etc/conf.modules .  This kills that problem and hopefully provides 
a detection layer and a way to test which of the suspected drivers 
work.  I bought 2 different ethernet cards recently and one came with
Linux drivers in source code form linked against the 1.2 Kernel.
The other had simply a readme file that says use the linux NE2K 

Both were a little old and hence extremely cheap ( the equivalent of
around $11 US for the PC and $13 for the ISA ).  They both work 
flawlessly however.  It was just easier to set up the one that says 
"You already have this driver, enable it like this"