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Re: A better Lilo?

My apologies to the truly bilingual - here's my attempt to translate the
home page and the download page.  The links are the French words in square


Are you looking for an easy way to move from one OS to another?  You've
found it!  MBoot is the software that you need!

What is it?

MBoot is a universal (boot loader?).  On starting your PC, it analyses all
your hard drives to find the ones that contain an OS.  You are presented
with a list (see screen shots [captures d'ecrans]) from which you can
quickly select the OS to use.

Allowing multiple OSs to coexist on your machine becomes child's play.
MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT, Linux and all other OSs can share disk space
without interfering with each other.

If you aren't convinced, you can take a look at a detailed list of the
functionality [fonctionnalites] of MBoot.

The system documentation [documentation] gives detailed instructions on the
use and installation of MBoot.  The FAQ [FAQ] covers frequently encountered

The archive containing MBoot, the installer and the documentation is
accessible on the download [telechargement] page.

You can also be informed of new versions by subscribing to the MBoot mailing
list [liste de diffusion MBoot].

1.2.7 - Fixed an error where some new BIOSs will refuse to process the MBR
of a disk without an active partition by setting one partition active, even
if it is not the chosen partition.

1.2.6 - Resolved a conflict between older versions and versions higher than
    - Set default language to French
    - If the default partition is not found and only one bootable partition
exists, this partition is started after the normal delay (previously it
would wait indefinitely for user input).

1.2.5 - Some minor application and installer code changes.

1.2.4 - (More "Inaccessible Boot Device" errors?) when starting Windows NT
(apparently only with Ultra-DMA disks, if someone could explain why...).

1.2.1 - Correction of a bug that detected Pentium II chips as Cyrix.

1.2.0 - Added access to floppy drives.

1.0.4 - First distributed version, with installer.

0.81 - New fonts throughout, new screens, MultiDisc, 32 character names,
handling of extended partitions, completion of installer.

0.70 - Interface.

0.10 - First version, choose partition with keyboard, no (?????)


The download page [telechargement] is fairly self explanatory.  1.2.7
contains the installer as well as HTML documentation and the FAQ.

I haven't tried this so I can't vouch for how it works.  My apologies to the
francophones for any errors of translation :-).

Brian Wiens

"Sharp, Lee" wrote:

>    I saw a link to what someone claimed was a much better boot manager
> than Lilo.  The problem is that the web page, and docs are in french.
> Does anyone here know someone who speaks french?  ;-)  Is this something
> worth looking at?
> http://home.nordnet.fr/~llejczyk/mboot/index.html
>                         Lee