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Re: Newbie needs help

> > > contents of the differential subsection on top of RH
> The noncommercial versions are avilable for about $2-.

Well now! I think I have enough spare change around here for
that! Where can I find such a bargain?

> > How about 300? What's the minimum?
> 300 should be enough for a decent install with X. Of
course, you're not

I can manage this, especially if I can get my mitts on a CD.

> A base KDE install on top of a bare bones
> linux setup just about does it. KDE includes a browser,
email client, etc.
> Add Netscape to that if you have enough space.

I'm going to try for the absolute minimum install, to see
what the limit is. It'll be fun!

> One game ? my pick is (tetris clone ... ) xtrojka. I just
> can't kick the tetris habit.

Uh Oh. Lorne + Tetris = Addiction. A great way to sharpen
your reflexes while listening to the radio.

Thanks Donovan! :-)