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Immedaite task will be improving the xinit package for detecting if
the user has an old and uncompatible .Xclients and warn him through an
Xmessage.  I also want to add the possibility to choose user interface
through a menu (classic, Gnome or KDE) and use the best of the
installed ones in case he hasn't chhosen.  There is no way but to ask
him to restart X.

Presently a user choosing XDM mode is dropped unto plain XDM.  Next
time we will have KDM, GDM and XDM in that order being elected.  Of
course still the best if there is a volunteer for writing a small TCL
applet for allowing root choosing the DM

About KDE I will modify the base package for providing a customized
desktop to newly created users (ie put a .kde dir under /etc/skels).

In case the user is choosing classic X I don't want the user seeing
FVWM95 first time he uses X.  It is like when you burrow a tunnel to
escape from jail and you find yourself in another cell

PPP is to be modified in order to automatically awake those daemons
who registered for action when network was up.  This means rebuilding
some of them like sendmail.  By the way the initscripts I uploaded
tonight is not very smart: if it finds an Ethernet or Token Ring it
assumes you have a permanent link to the Internet or at least a hjost
in the LAN who will collect your mail.  This isn't right in case the
box is on a home LAN with access to the net through PPP but I didn't
find anything smarter.  Well perhaps look for a configured PPP.

I have to get something for ISDN people.  Access to the Net from Linux
is vital for calling for help.

We will be losing Blender after their change in license.  It will go
to noCD.  Technically Blender will not have such restriction but when
we were underground we agreed on "no crippled software" policy.  That
means we have to find something for replacing it in the artistic area

I also will be incorporating some additional K apps and FreeCiv in
case it provides computer players.

Finally I would like to include CrystalSpace: goal is to lure the user
into designing games.  In case you want to know I don't have read
Machiavel.  :-)

I have suggested some improvements to the author of TkSmb but I don't
know if it will be ready on time.  Otherwise I will have to implement
the easy ones myself.

I also have a sendmail configurator sleeping in my box.  In case it is
possible to implement conflict handling then it will be possible to
add leafnode in the distrib as a light weight news server.

RedHat is expected to be released May 10 and after that I want to
freeze packages and go to  building the distrib and install hacking.

In addition holidays will be near us so we don't have much time for
making 0.2 so it will have to be more of a 0.1 with a 2.2 kernel
purged of shamefully old apps than a radical innovation.  We will try
to be a little more ambitious for 0.3

One of the problems we have is that I am a lousy organizator.  Things
like the tangled FTP tree or the fact I never managed to setup a good
structure for handling contributions prove it.  I really would like
someone relieving me of organizational parts.  Job would be better
done and I would be able to concentrate in software and in doctrine.

By the way doctrine/advocacy texts should not be something reflecting
my ideas only.  Think in what Linux is lacking, what is harming it and
what is unadequate when you look with the eyes of one of your
relatives.  Then write.  There is also an ideological battle to win
against hackerism.  For instance there are people who flame newbies
for asking a question who was answzered six months before in the
Korean Linux groups.  we must get those preactices being deprecated, I
told a week ago why the "RTFM for a couple weeks before posting"
attitude was right in aristocratic systems like Unix and 1992 Linux
(everyone was a hacker and had learned at university) but is blamable
when the asker is self teaching.  And it is obscene when the flamer
has been spoon-fed Unix.  In addition there are MBAs (marketing,
finance) people coming to Linux, I hope we will get litterary types
shortly and we can't have the same standards of knowledege as in Matt
Welsh times when users were computer professionals and computer
students.  Ok I have managed to suugest one of my ideas instead of
yours but you get the idea.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses