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RE: I want to try to make an Indy CD!

>Indy, as far as I know, seems to be a kind of "patched" RedHat 5.2.
>I've got RedHat 5.2 and the differential directory (thanks Jean
>and I want to try to make a bootable Indy CD.
>Does anyone can help (I don't know if the differential dir
>I have is outdated (the date is 03/24/99), and I don't know
>if I have all I need).
>If someone can tell me what I need, and some ideas on how to
>do it, it will help me a lot.

   The only part missing when I started was the dos based Linux
launcher, and a single boot source.  We still needed the boot disks...
If those have  made into a single unit, it can be done.  Grab the entire
distribution tree, without the no-cd dir, and the two big root tar
balls.  If you finish an ISO before I get a chance, let me know and I
will post it on snow too.