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Re: Newbie Idea

Den fre, 23 apr 1999 skrev du:
> The mail from "Newbie needs help" gave me an idea. 
> Why not have a version of Independence without all the 
> programming applications? MS Windows does
> not ship w/Visual C or Visual Basic. It would make the
> download smaller and maybe more attractive to a number
> of people who would otherwise not bother to try.
> Lets face it, most of the new users moving to Linux are
> coming from Windows and most are not hackers or
> programmers. Most are not going to try to rebuild their
> kernel either. Their looking for something different to use
> other than MS products to scratch an itch. If they wanted
> to try programming later, make an upgrade available.

The other day I had to help a guy who couldn't get the menu configuration in
Windowmaker to work because it uses gcc as a preprocessor. He had installed
wmaker from the Redhat rpms. I told him to get rid of it and install gcc and
get the latest tarball from www.windowmaker.org

I'm no programmer, but I use gcc all the time to try out new programs from
freshmeat.net. You can never be sure there's an updated rpm for the particular
applikation you want.

mvh/best regards
Birger Langkjer