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Re: independence (fwd)

I had similar problems.  You have not indicated if the partition that you
unzipped the install tree is a DOS or Linux partition although these
instructions should work regardless.

There are three things that must be in place to make it work.  First, and
simplest, is to make sure that the RPMs directory is case correct (i.e., "RPMS"
*not* "rpms").  Second, you must choose the correct partition.  If you have
Windows or DOS installed on a single physical hard drive, and this is the
partition that contains Independence, then you should probably choose "hda1"
(of course, the naming convention is different for SCSI drives :-).  Third, the
definition of the directory does not include either the DOS/Win drive name, nor
the Linux mount directory.  I can't remember if you start with a "/" or not -
try the other method if the first one doesn't work (e.g., if you have
downloaded to "c:\downloads\linux\independence\Independence\" then the
directory field would be "downlo~1/linux/indepe~1/", or

Hopefully this gets you going.  However, I did this a month ago and I don't
have my installation notes handy so there may be some minor errors.  Feel free
to e-mail me privately if you have further problems.

Brian Wiens

Roger Dingledine wrote:

> I've no time to answer this, can somebody else respond?
> --roger
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> > From: "Shirley Ames" <navymom@forbin.com>
> > To: seul@seul.org
> > Subject: independence
> > Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 16:09:40 -0500
> >
> > What is an independence installation tree, and why will the install not =
> > find it.?I have unzipped the independence file in a directory named =
> > independence. After I have downloaded 250 meg of stuff (on company =
> > time), I am stalled at this.
> >
> >