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Re: about lpe

> Someone requested comments on lpe a little while back as a possible replacement
> for vi that was more like edit.com. I think it can be that, if it can compiled
> as a static binary without the slang libs. I don't konw how to do that.

It was not for having an edit.com clone but because most people hate
modal editors.

I forgot about static linking.  I have looked at slang and lpe would be 
still smaller than VI

> lpe is only  96493, /bin/vi is 437428 (I suppose vi can be compiled to fill
> less)

I suspect it has curses compiled statitic in it.

> In screen.c from line 138 I've changed this:
> /* Draw the banner at the bottom of the screen */
> static void draw_banner(buffer *buf)
> {
>     char banner[1024];
>     int namelen;
>     memset(banner, '-', SLtt_Screen_Cols);
>     if (buf->rdonly) banner[7] = '%';
>     if (buf->modified) banner[7] = '*';
>     memcpy(banner + 2, "Indie", 5);
>     memcpy(banner + 10, buf->name, (namelen = strlen(buf->name)));
>     memcpy(banner + 24, "press Ctrl-X to save and exit, Ctrl-C aborts", 44);
> It's also quite easy to make locale, but I guess it's not a good idea on a
> rescue disc.
> It must be compiled with --enable-delkludge for the backspace key to work.
> Unfortunatly it deletes the 'wrong' way, as usual in Linux :-(

We want to wean them of Windows.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses