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Re: independence (fwd)

> "Sharp, Lee" wrote:
> >  As for KDE, try startx.  The startx script was
> > modified for independence to start KDE if it was installed.
> Doesn't seem to work, still drops me into fvwm95 :-{.  It may have been the script
> errors, something like "Can't find package __________".  I clicked ok through all
> of those but that may be why KDE won't start automagically with X.

In case you were upgrading from redHat I think I know what happens.
You didn't delete the .Xclients provided by RedHat (I mentionned this
in the instructions) from your home directory.  The .Xclients in home
directory has priority over the regular xinit stuff and xinit in Indy
0.1 is not smart enough to ignore a .Xclients who is not Indy
compliant.  Next one will be and will warn you when it finds a
.Xclients who is not.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses