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RE: Newbie Idea

>In my instance, I've been turned off of new progs. available only in source
>form because of the fact that the first two progs. that I tried to compile
>- didn't. (The cryptic error messages were no help either.) 

   Bad programs, are bad programs in any format...  But I agree with
you.  We need to remember who it is for.
>So how about it? Anyone want to tackle the task of figuring out which RPMs
>aren't needed for "having fun" with your computer? I'd take a stab at it -
>but it would probably be a case of "the blind leading the blind" here.

   Actually, in this case, the blind are the best ones to lead.  You
will notice a problem and report it, instead of just fix it like a more
experienced user might.  As a way to start, put the distribution on an
FTP server, and do a minimum FTP install.  All the files not touched,
should be deleted.  That is a start.  Soon, we could have a distribution
between the full Inde, and Trinux. :-)