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RE: Newbie Idea

>> Is there a solution to make it simple by dropping many of the files
>> in the distributions? 
>how will dropping  packages make life easier ? the easier distros do not
>have less packages 

   I see us having three recurring issues...  There is too much to
download.  There is too much to understand.  There is too much to choose

   The download one will be handled by the CD.  Until we get a real on
out, I will make one for anyone requesting one for $10, including
shipping in the US.  If you want overnight, or overseas, e-mail me and
we can work it out.

   I am working on the Auto Docs for the second...  They are not done,
but they are up, and will get you started...  http://snow.peakusa.com
As they get better, the install process will make more sense.  The
distrib based on 6.0 will also help.

   The auto docs will help a bit with number three, but for the most
part, we will just have to deal with it.  Stuff removed will never be
found by most people.  Just ask Netscape what happened when MSIE was
included...  Of course, if you don't have to download it, it isn't much
of an issue...