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Re: Newbie Idea

At 02:18 PM 4/26/99 -0400, you wrote:

>This still doesn't answer my other point.  I didn't know what I wanted and 
>the package names are somewhat cryptic.  To be "safe", I would still install
>anything which was not obvious to me that I did _not_ need.  A newbie of my
>type (am I rare?) would still go whole hog if they had the space to spare 
>just to be sure not to miss anything important.
Brian - no, you're not rare. Even though I installed another distrib. of
Linux from a CD, I still experienced the problem of not being sure what
pacakges I needed if I wasn't going to compile programs or do software

>> Another thing you have to consider is that Indy 0.1 will be shortlived
>> so IMHO (but this is only my opinion) effort would be better spent on
>> 0.2 and make a light version basing on 0.2 instead of 0.1.
Since posting my opinions a few days ago on a lighter install, I've read
other people's opinions on the subject, both pro and con. Yes, I think it
is a good idea to concentrate on getting Indy 0.2 released first. I'll keep
the idea in mind until Indy 0.2 is released. It looks like there is a
moderate amount of interest in a lighter distrib. for non-programmers.


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