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RE: Newbie Idea

>>Absolutely!  The only two things keeping me on Win 95/98 at all (once I get
>>my LAN/PPP
>>connection working) will be Quicken (years of legacy information - is Intuit
>>working on a Linux
>>version?) and educational software for my young children.

>   For the EDU software, I have found some of the old Win3.1 stuff is
> just as good for the tikes.  And Wine will run it all.  And since Linux
> security works, the tikes can't mess up your computer!  Just some food
> for thought...

As the project leader for seul-edu, I feel I need to mention that
fostering the development of educational apps for Linux, both academic
and "edutainment," is what we've been working on for about the past six
months.  Take a look at <http://www.seul.org/edu/>.  How come no one
mentioned us?

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