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Re: Newbie Idea

Doug Loss wrote:

> >>Absolutely!  The only two things keeping me on Win 95/98 at all (once I get
> >>my LAN/PPP
> >>connection working) will be Quicken (years of legacy information - is Intuit
> >>working on a Linux
> >>version?) and educational software for my young children.
> >   For the EDU software, I have found some of the old Win3.1 stuff is
> > just as good for the tikes.  And Wine will run it all.  And since Linux
> > security works, the tikes can't mess up your computer!  Just some food
> > for thought...
> As the project leader for seul-edu, I feel I need to mention that
> fostering the development of educational apps for Linux, both academic
> and "edutainment," is what we've been working on for about the past six
> months.  Take a look at <http://www.seul.org/edu/>.  How come no one
> mentioned us?

Sorry Doug :-(.  I do know about you guys and was following on seul-pub when
seul-edu was set up.  The problem that I've found is that the currently available
software that you list is at too high a level for what I need.  My oldest is 6.5
yrs old so I am looking for something more along the lines of the Reader Rabbit
series, or the My Personal Tutor software.  That doesn't exist yet for Linux and
WINE can't handle the highly graphical/multimedia stuff running off the CD.
Actually, maybe WINE could handle it with some kludging but I don't know how to
and don't, currently, have the time to learn.  I will mention the edu project if
it comes up again.

Brian Wiens