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RE: Newbie Idea

>As the project leader for seul-edu, I feel I need to mention that
>fostering the development of educational apps for Linux, both academic
>and "edutainment," is what we've been working on for about the past six
>months.  Take a look at < http://www.seul.org/edu/ >.  How come no one
>mentioned us?

   As the guy who should have, I would have to say ignorance. :-)
Sorry...  Looks like a very good project.  I would suggest, however,
that you divide the software by age category.  I would hate to give a 3
year old structured math. :-)
   Also, from the Independence distribution standpoint, we need to
support whatever the user wants.  The fact is that Inde with Wine will
run almost anything the pre-school/school has.  And run it without risk
of breaking the machine.  Handy to know when you pass the bargain bin...
 Any Win3.1 stuff has a very good chance of working properly.  <as
properly as it does in windows anyway>
   But we might want to include some of this stuff in the "Extras" part
of the distrib, along with a money manager, and other stuff.
Babysitting the tikes is common among home uses for a computer. :-)