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RE: Newbie Idea

>Sorry Doug :-(.  I do know about you guys and was following on seul-pub when
>seul-edu was set up.  The problem that I've found is that the currently
>software that you list is at too high a level for what I need.  My oldest is
>yrs old so I am looking for something more along the lines of the Reader
>series, or the My Personal Tutor software.  That doesn't exist yet for Linux
>WINE can't handle the highly graphical/multimedia stuff running off the CD.
>Actually, maybe WINE could handle it with some kludging but I don't know how
and don't, currently, have the time to learn.

   Most of what I have seen work has been on the hard drive.  If you
have the space, try copying the cd to the hard drive, and doing an
"install" from there.  That way the software will look for itself on the
same "drive letter" and not mess up.  Also the program "fakecd.exe"
might be helpful.  <don't know, and haven't tried>  I can e-mail it if
you want to try.