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> Jean,
> Are you looking for a review or other's opinions of EZNet? If so....
> When I did my first install of Redhat Linux 5.1 and fvwm2 last fall, i wasn't
> successful getting connected to the 'Net, until I found EZNet. (I was searching
> the 'Net from my [gasp!] Win95 box at the time I found it.) As you said, it is
> *very* easy to set up and get connected with EZNet. I took the time to RTFM
> first, which was simply one HTML document, in plain English and easy
> to understand. (Unlike some man pages I've come across!)
> I did have one minor problem though, and I'm not sure it would happen to
> everyone. The first time I ran the command: 'eznet up' from the command line, I
> got the following error message: "/usr/sbin/pppd: unrecognized option
> 'dev/modem' ". Then pppd proceeded to list all the options I could use. I knew
> that my modem was known as '/dev/cua0' to Linux, so I simply made a symbolic
> link 'modem' that pointed to '/dev/cua0'. Then it worked just fine.

It happenned to me.  If you mention /dev/modem and it doesn't find a
file named /dev/modem then it beleves it is an option.

The other problem with eznet is that it has no options (short of you
tweaking with AT commands for silent dial up end for using vocal
frquencies dial up much faster than the old time based dial up used in
the ols phones with rotational dial up units.

Time to mail to the author

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses