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Are you looking for a review or other's opinions of EZNet? If so....

When I did my first install of Redhat Linux 5.1 and fvwm2 last fall, i wasn't
successful getting connected to the 'Net, until I found EZNet. (I was searching
the 'Net from my [gasp!] Win95 box at the time I found it.) As you said, it is
*very* easy to set up and get connected with EZNet. I took the time to RTFM
first, which was simply one HTML document, in plain English and easy
to understand. (Unlike some man pages I've come across!)

I did have one minor problem though, and I'm not sure it would happen to
everyone. The first time I ran the command: 'eznet up' from the command line, I
got the following error message: "/usr/sbin/pppd: unrecognized option
'dev/modem' ". Then pppd proceeded to list all the options I could use. I knew
that my modem was known as '/dev/cua0' to Linux, so I simply made a symbolic
link 'modem' that pointed to '/dev/cua0'. Then it worked just fine.

Now that I'm running KDE with Redhat 5.2, I just use kppp to connect. kppp is
was no harder to set up than Win95's Dialup Networking.


 On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, you wrote:
> This allows configuring PPP.  It does not have a graphical or even
> curses based interface.  In aaadition I am not sure it would integrate
> with other tools.  But it is nearly trivial to use and in addition I
> have heard of people who never got PPP working with any other tools
> from KPPP to Linuxconf and it worked with eznet.
> An option would be to include it but mentionning it as a very last
> chance configurator.

Scott D. Boyd -- Web Weaver
Project Independence: Linux for the Masses