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Re: Linux for Kids

> Just thought I'd unlurk for a moment with this idea - my gf is on a
> Linuxchix mailing list, where there's currently a thread about Linux for
> kids.
> With Independence being a distribution aimed at the home user, how well
> equipped is it with software aimed at kids? Not sure what sort of software
> other than educational stuff and the odd game would be relevant, but it's
> something to bear in mind, perhaps?
> - Andrew

One of Indy's targets are people with family thus we include:
-Dr Geo for teaching geometry.
-A couple of educational programming languages.
-Some games.

Also I avoided including Doom likes.  

However I cannot investigate software for kids as thoroughly as I
would like so this is something you could do.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses