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Is that any chance of using rsync on belegost?

For some reason I have always had trouble downloading certin files. I 
have never been able to figure out why. This really troubles me when 
mirroring. The process stops when the download stalls on certin files. 
If I skip over the file, the process resumes until it stumbles onto the 
next file that refuses to download. If the mirroring process is running 
unattended, it times out and stops and I return later to find hours of 
wasted time had passed.

I then also have the problem of getting the files that refuse to 
download because it does not matter what method or tool I try, they 
simply will not download! The only way of getting the files in the past 
(gee, I hate to say this....) was to fire up Win98 and download them. 
Why it works under Win98 with the VERY same modem and connection 
is a *&^%$ mystery to me! This is very perplexing and frustrating to 
say the least. I hope that one day I will find the answer.

But there is one thing I have not tried - "rsync" mirroring! This may 
help me until another solution is reached. I don't know about the 
possible security problems in using rsync, but I would like to try it 
if I could.

The perl based "mirror" stalls when getting a file list from belegost. 
After retrieving countless others, it submits the request for (heck, I 
forget which subdirectory now) and it never gets it. It times out after 
15min. It never really gets going.

Let me know.

R.G. Mayhue