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Re: COMPS file

I will hang there till Indy is ready.
When I tried installing Indy I did it with the previous version of Indy and 
that was well after RH 6 was out so my point is that I think that all work 
was completed on Indy when I tried installing it.

Nuff said.
Good Luck in finishing this version of the project. I will be listening for 
all the news that come my way.

Bye Dinos

At 11:36 рм 08/04/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>On Sat, 08 Apr 2000, dinos@bigfoot.com wrote:
> > >
> > >                     Ok her we go...  On install, during the
> > > searching for installation files step, the Indy setup program gave
> > > me the error following: File COMPS is not version 0.1 as expected.
> > > Could this be related to my previous problems, mentioned in"Indy
> > > Setup And Other Stuff."
> > >
> > >-Robert
> >
> > I had the same message when I tried to install Indy.
> > For me when I tried to continue the installation using the menu
> > nothing happened.
> >
> > So you could say that I basically got the message "File COMPS is not
> > version 0.1 as expected."
> > and the installation would not anything else after that.
> >
>I believe this is caused by the changes that are being made to the
>original RH distribution. I must remind you both that in each case you
>are/were  tring to install Indy before it is completed. I cannot speak
>for Jean, but as I make changes to the distro I do not do a re-install
>using the installer. If Jean does the same thing, I can see how this
>would happen and not be corrected along the way.
>I plan on doing a full install of Indy in it's current state, some of
>which is only on my machine, and not included on the ftp site yet. I'm
>not sure how well it will work (thus the test), so I will not upload
>until the current state of flux has settled down some. Maybe during the
>tests I will fix the comps file so it will work, but please don't count
>on it yet. I also need to get my mirroring problem solved.
>As far as I know, Jean and I are the only ones currently working on the
>project. Again I can't speak for Jean, but I can assume it's the same
>as for myself. Indy is this "a project I'm working on" no matter how
>much time I WISH to spend on it, I still need to go to my work and make
>a living first. Otherwise there will be NO PROJECT for me. Then there
>is family, but that is another matter (sigh).
>I hope we can get the matter straitened out soon so you can get a
>running copy of Indy installed.
>Hang in there people!
>R.G. Mayhue