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Re: BestLinux

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> This finnish distribution was on a French magazone so I tried it
> today.  Basically it is a RedHat with a Caldera installer (I thought
> Caldera's installer was not OpenSource but perhaps they reverse
> engineered it).  One interesting feature is that they use GRUB
> instead of LILO and while it is too late to fix taht for this
> version.  I hope we will be able to have this in Indy in.  Another
> intersting point is that some of the RPM descriptions were undobtedly
> mine so I guess part of Indy's RPM have been rebuilt and added to
> BestLinux.  I am flattered.  :-)
The Caldera installer (Lizard) is licensed under the QPL 

It is similar to the KDE license if it is not the same.

I still have a CVS version of the installer on my drive.

BTW, are your updates complete? If they are I want to update my local 
mirror. I still not sure where my download problems stem from, but the 
last mirror session ran for two days without a problem. Now today I am 
having problems just in getting the directory listings again. I'm 
starting to wonder if it is a problem with my ISP and not my local 

R.G. Mayhue