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Re: Pre-pre-pre..........alpha

> "
> Indy having a
> leaner and better kernel than RedHat's.  But now there are chances I
> will not forget to compile the module about NTFS support.
> "
> Thanks for the future kernel upgrade in advance!

I have two reasons for being so obsessional about kernel compilings.

First one is that when a person a buys a car she expects the
manufacturer sells her a car who is ready to use not one where the
user is supposed to tune the brakes and until then avoid running above
10 mph.  So I see no reason we should tolerate half done work in Linux
matters if we don't tolerate it in car matters.

The second one relates to the day my brother in law asked me about
advice in buying a computer.  He needed it for his thesis on spanish
litterature.  Naturally I thank in Linux and I had to abandon my dream
when I remebered that kernel compiling was mandatory at that time.  It
ended in he buying a Mac and using MS Word for his thesis.  So I
deduced two "theorems":
1)  As long a litterature student will be unable to use Linux then Linux
will be a minority system and MS will rule the world.
2) As long as kernel compiling will be necessary, Linux will not
be usable by litterature students

So if it is possible to ship "complete" kernels who are nearly as good
as one compiled by the user (it is since July 7, 1996 when 2.0 was
released) then if you get a deficient kernel you should not recompile
it but ask the author to fix it.  It is not a matter of you knowing
how to do it but of rembering you are a customer and perhaps a "Linux
patriot".  As a customer you are in right to ask for a properly
finished product, as a "Linux patriot" then you should remember that
a distribution who forces the user to trecompile the kernel will deter
many potentil users, will make managers veto it (they would prefer
people doing some real work), will make support difficult (think in a
DB who does not work because the user has not compiled a required
feature) and makes a nice argument for MS propaganda.

> What is your opinion on CADD programs for Linux?

I know what is CAD but what is  CADD?   

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses