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CD 1 too large (was Re: [owner-independence- etc..)

On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Lee Sharp wrote:

> >This is very bad.  Even by moving doc, source and everything not really
> >needed we are still short of space.  I am also short of ideas.
> >If we have to introduce real changes to the isntall we will never go
> >out so it must be something quick, dirty and ingenious.
>    Could we gz the install CD?  Not the install itself, but the packages, or
> perhaps mount a compressed filesystem instead of standard CD readable?

Or just compress some of the less used files (i.e. those not included in
the default installs)?

According to du -h /mirror/ftp/independence/Indy-6.2build/CD1 CD1 takes up
a total of 573M, don't Cds hold 600meg? Is this due to the symlinks, if so
can't we just create ISOs with the symlinks in?

There is also a CD1/doc eating 33M of space. Can't this be moved to CD2,
and just a file left in the directory indication that all documentation is
now found on CD2

BTW: I should be getting paid tomorrow, which means I can get some CD-Rs,
and then burn a copy of 6.2, and then create and upload an ISO or three to 
somewhere if this is required.