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[owner-independence-l@seul.org: BOUNCE independence-l@independence.seul.org: Non-member submission from ["R.G. Mayhue" <rgm@serenesoftware.com>]]

About transferring RPMS to another CD trhis is easier said than done.
In order to allow the user picking it it must be listed in the comps
file but the install will complian if uit does not find in first CD.
That means we have to teak the install for reading a file listing the
contents of the RPMS in CD2.  

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On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, David Webster wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Apr 2000 Romulus15@aol.com wrote:
> > David, cd's hold 650MB, so the 573MB is well below the limit.  I think what 
> > everyone else is talking about is a lack of space on the server, not 
> > necessarily on the cd's them selves.    Max DiOrio
> There's apparently 1.5G free on the drive, so I'm not so sure about that.
> /David
The problem is not the room on the server, but the room on the CD. Yes a
CD will hold 650 MB of data, but the 573 MB you are speaking of dose not
include the symlinked RPMS. What we want in the CD1 image is ALL the RPMS,
not just the links themselves which is what will happen if you do not tell
to "include" the symlinked RPMS when making the image. When you include
all of the linked RPMS into the image (which is what we want because how
can you link to an RPM which is actually on the differential CD?) the
image is much larger then the CD can hold. Do you now see the problem?

What we really need to do is move the RPMS out of CD1 /RPMS that are not
required for any particular install and place them on a second CD and run
a script the will install the RPMS. Or give the user the choice of
installing them. Short of excluding them, we need to come up with some
good ideas.

On another note: I am using sendmail to post to the list and my user name
is rgm. So rgm is what is prefixed to the serenesoftware.com domain, but
my registered e-mail name on the Independence list is rgmayhue. Dose
anyone know how to change this so Jean will not need to post "forwards" to
the list. I could read up on it but I'm working on a slow win box and have
no access to a local Linux machine. 

- -- 
R.G. Mayhue
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