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Re: [owner-independence-l@seul.org: BOUNCE independence-l@independence.seul.org: Non-member submission from ["R.G. Mayhue" <rgm@serenesoftware.com>]]

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, JF Martinez wrote:

> to "include" the symlinked RPMS when making the image. When you include
> all of the linked RPMS into the image (which is what we want because how
> can you link to an RPM which is actually on the differential CD?) the
> image is much larger then the CD can hold. Do you now see the problem?

Right. I thought the links were pointing to other files on the same
CD. Obviously linking to a second cd from the first isn't possible.
> What we really need to do is move the RPMS out of CD1 /RPMS that are not
> required for any particular install and place them on a second CD and run
> a script the will install the RPMS. Or give the user the choice of
> installing them. Short of excluding them, we need to come up with some
> good ideas.

hmm... My good ideas weren't very good. Next?
> On another note: I am using sendmail to post to the list and my user name
> is rgm. So rgm is what is prefixed to the serenesoftware.com domain, but
> my registered e-mail name on the Independence list is rgmayhue. Dose
> anyone know how to change this so Jean will not need to post "forwards" to
> the list. I could read up on it but I'm working on a slow win box and have
> no access to a local Linux machine. 

I'm not sure but... I'm using PINE, and the roles on that work fine for
all the lists I'm on; I have about 10 different addresses, all have been
set up in this one pine config, and I can post to lists under them all
without bounces. I assume PC-PINE has the same functionality. I believe
roles were introduced to Pine in 4.10, but 4.21 has a lot better role
handling, so go for a recent version. I can't remember the location of
PC-PINE downloads, but it's prolly linked to from www.washington.edu/pine/
Let me know off list if you need a hand setting the roles up.