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Re: Sketches for a logo

Yes, Stefan Rieken. You wrote:
>Hello folks,
>JFM asked me to give the logo another thought. I thought that I could as
>well give it a thorough thought (good, enough "th"'s for this sentence
>:-), and to start with spitting out a few ideas, like my old art teacher
>always used to tell me that I should start (but I never did).
>You can see them on:

Delurking ...

I must say, Stefan, you're sure putting a bit of work into this logo.  It's
much appreciated.  I think all of them are pretty good ideas.  The flying
penguins have some potential.
I'd say I like the penguin with flag the best.  I think it illustrates the
purpose of Independence the best.  Using a realistic-looking penguin makes
it stand out from the other distros and companies.

My two cents,