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Re: Sketches for a logo

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Stefan Rieken wrote:

> Hello folks,
> JFM asked me to give the logo another thought. I thought that I could as
> well give it a thorough thought (good, enough "th"'s for this sentence
> :-), and to start with spitting out a few ideas, like my old art teacher
> always used to tell me that I should start (but I never did).
> You can see them on:
> http://members.xoom.com/Pflipp/indysketches/

Good work. I like the flying penguin fig 4. I also think the penguin
diving into the water could be a good one. OTOH, having a non penguin
based logo could be good, and I like the Game Boy concept, and it's good
that it's scalable (i.e. small logo/mascot through to larger banner).

I'm not too keen on the flag concepts, it'd be hard to do a non-blank flag
without having some kind of association comming with that. Tho the windows
flag at half mast is a good concept, I'm not sure it'd be fully suitable
for indy.

[BTW: Totally agree with the not viewable with any browser thing.
Demonic.com has some good articles about this under the technique
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