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Re: Freeing megs

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, JF Martinez wrote:
> I have thought inb a couple ways to reduce size:
> 1) Go to XFree 4.  Its binary seems to be far smaller than XFRee 3
>    given its architecture who doesn't duplicate the high level part of
>    the servers.
I have been using XFreee-4.0 for some time and it seems to work great. The
problem is configuration. I have had no luck rewriting RH's Xconfigurator
the configuration could be somewhat difficault for the inexperienced.
comes with a command line option of (from memory) "--configure" that does a
pretty good job of it. It's a lot like xf86configure. It's actually easier
because you
don't need to set mode line and etc. The new servers (or modules as they are
refered to) don't need them. The only problem is that the install broke some
installed RH6.2beta RPM's when I installed it. Mesa and one or two others. I
have notes at home:-P
> 2) If we use XFree 4 for the installation then we shrink size a second
That was my next problem, but it could be done and would help reduce the
On another note: I saw a post on freshmeat.net on the 14th for a windowing
system based on svgalib. The windowing system contains a library to port
*newt* programs to the new system. The RH-6.0 text installer was ported and
used in a Chinese distro called "Happy Linux." The screenshots of the
I saw were pretty impressive. I downloaded the tar files but really didn't
time to look at them before I left for Pa.
> 3) Move installation of theme packages and Gimp doc to the postinstall
>    phase (ie they can be in another CD)
These were the kind of packages I was referring to earlier since they can
be installed at any time after the initial install is complete. Great idea.
> 4) See if we can use the new Netscape who is alledgedly far leaner
>    than Netscpae 4.  Netscape 4 is so buggy that we have little to
>    lose by using the new "unproven" Netscape.
I agree. I have been using mozilla M14 for some time now and was going
to suggest using it but I thought it still had one too many bugs. I have not
the Mozilla based Netscape but I hear it has less bugs then NS 4. KDE 2.0
should be comming along nicely also.

PS - I had to set up an account on my brother-in-law's win machine to post
to the list. I have not been able to connect to my machine all day. Seems
MyIP.org has been down for some time now.

R.G. Mayhue