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Re: Sketches for a logo

> On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Stefan Rieken wrote:
> > Hello folks,
> > 
> > JFM asked me to give the logo another thought. I thought that I could as
> > well give it a thorough thought (good, enough "th"'s for this sentence
> > :-), and to start with spitting out a few ideas, like my old art teacher
> > always used to tell me that I should start (but I never did).
> > 
> > You can see them on:
> > 
> > http://members.xoom.com/Pflipp/indysketches/
> Good work. I like the flying penguin fig 4. I also think the penguin
> diving into the water could be a good one. OTOH, having a non penguin
> based logo could be good, and I like the Game Boy concept, and it's good
> that it's scalable (i.e. small logo/mascot through to larger banner).
> I'm not too keen on the flag concepts, it'd be hard to do a non-blank flag
> without having some kind of association comming with that. Tho the windows
> flag at half mast is a good concept, I'm not sure it'd be fully suitable
> for indy.

There are three ways of envisionning Indy.  The first is when you havze
been asking for years for such and such feature and got the answer:
"It is useless in a server context so it is useless" or when a guy
answers says that being confronted with "Do you want to configure ISP
access?" during the install would be a PITA.  Translayted that means I
want Linux designed exclusively for me and people like me.  Then you
begin thinking into Indy as a rebellion against the aristocracy and in
logos showing barricades or triumphant revolutions.

The other way is to highlight the fact Indy is unconventional.  For
instance in the fact that it allows alternatives to some of the most
sacred Unix tools basing on the fact that Linux does not have the same
user base as Unix ad that it is to the tool to adapt to the user
instead of the opposite.  Thus a penguin doing unconventional things
like flying is well in Indy's spirit.

The third is to highlight the willingness of creating a new thing and
so a boy playing can be a good symbol for that.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses