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Re: Sketches for a logo

Lee Sharp wrote:
> rendered logo

Uhm, 3D modeling is not my kind of job. If someone else does this, OK.
But I was thinking of 3D-*ish* myself, just like the Larry Ewing Tux.
Just the GIMP, but with nice shades and highlights.

I only just realized, that such a flying penguin could be used in a more
"scalable" way: imagine an iceberg full of penguins, all standing in the
same direction, looking at that one penguin that flies away from them,
into the sun. Not very good for a logo (too much to see), but great for
promotional material, and focussing on this Independence spirit you talk
about. And for a logo we could "cut out" the penguin alone, it could
look something like number 4.

Reactions to other reactions (to keep the ball rolling):

David Webster thought that the half-mast Windows flag was a good
concept. I hope he was joking :-) When we only poke fun out of Windows,
nobody would take us serious (except for some Microsoft lawyers, maybe).
OK, now for a cheap cartoon, this could've been something, but for the
Indy logo, nah.

Louis (@sisp.net) wrote "Delurking...". I haven't been able to translate
that :-)

Scott Nimtz wrote me privately that all that he found on the specified
URL were "contains no document" messages. I have to admit that the
combination of XOOM (responsible for the messages) and Netscape
(responsible for adding incorrectly loaded pages in its cache as correct
ones) isn't a bless. Reloading and emptying your cache should help.