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Possibly a solution to the space problem

What I have been thinking is build some fake RPMS with a "holder"
extension in the name.  These would be empty and there would be real
one in the additional disk.  At postinstall time we ask the user to
place the second CD in the reader and then scan the RPM database for
holder RPMS and replace them with the real ones.  The good point about
this is that can make it realtively silent for the user ie we don't go
into another round of prompting him.  The bad one is that it id
difficult to make the install aware of the size of the real RPMS
(specially what goes aon such and such filesystem) so if disk space is
tight the postinstall phase could find that it cannot install the
replacements for the holders.  Unless that some volunteer writes a
little tool who reads an RPM and builds one like exactly like it it
except for the fact all files are made of binary zeros.  This way the
holder RPM would compress fantstically well while using exactly the
same space once it is installed than the real one.  This would allow
the install to get its calculations right.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses