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(FWD) Re: Resurrecting Indy - Food for thought

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Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 02:15:53 -0700
From: "kushak@nettaxi.com" <kushak@nettaxi.com>
To: independence-l@independence.seul.org
Subject: Re: Resurrecting Indy - Food for thought

Hi all,

Based on what Roger has said and suggested I would like to submit the 
following ideas for your comments:

- Create an Indy installion disk to install Red Hat (RH) with Indy OR 
  update an existing RedHat installation. 

- This means that Indy will be an add-on package to the RH
  This add-on can be applied at installation time or after 
  installation as an upgrade to an existing RH machine. 
  Not sure of the difficult of each. 

- The minimum requirements (common denominator) for an Indy 
  installation/upgrade would be the freely available RH ISO 
  images from RedHat and it's mirrors as well as www.linuxiso.org 
  the Indy files either as individual packages and/or an ISO image.
  The User will need both the RH Installation CD's and the Indy CD 
  /package set. 

- The Indy packages would have as their purpose to improve or add to 
  the standard RH installation and they should include things like 
  the Indy Logos, improved LILO, Gimp Manual etc.

- Creation of an Indy User Manual or How do we do things or how we
  are different. This is not your standard HOW-TO/Mini HOW-TO
  I am thinking something more like a gouge, short text with just the 
  required information on it, and references to the Official RH
  Manuals which are available at http://www.redhat/support/manuals/
  http://www.redhat/apps/support/documentation.html with the points 
  to where we do things different than RH. Copies of these manuals 
  may be provided with our Applications.
- Use (with permission) some (if not all) of the following
  - Mandrake training tools, documentation and tutorials
  - Training material available at www.linuxtraining.co.uk/
  - Rute Users Tutorial and Exposition by Paul Sheer
  - Linux Newbie Administrator Guide LNAG 
  - Basic Linux Training by Henry White at http://blt.hypermart.net
  - Other information which I have forgoten goes here.

This is in short the idea I came up with.
I am not sure of how feasible this is so JFM will have to tell us 
if it is possible, if we do want to do this and so on.

So far we are lagging behind RH. Having Indy as an add on should 
(or I hope it would)reduce our lag time.

Your comments please ...

Dinos Kouroushaklis

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