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Re: (FWD) Re: Resurrecting Indy - Food for thought

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Hi all,
> Based on what Roger has said and suggested I would like to submit the 
> following ideas for your comments:
> - Create an Indy installion disk to install Red Hat (RH) with Indy OR 
>   update an existing RedHat installation. 
> - This means that Indy will be an add-on package to the RH
>   distribution.
>   This add-on can be applied at installation time or after 
>   installation as an upgrade to an existing RH machine. 
>   Not sure of the difficult of each. 
> - The minimum requirements (common denominator) for an Indy 
>   installation/upgrade would be the freely available RH ISO 
>   images from RedHat and it's mirrors as well as www.linuxiso.org 
>   and 
>   the Indy files either as individual packages and/or an ISO image.
>   The User will need both the RH Installation CD's and the Indy CD 
>   /package set. 
> - The Indy packages would have as their purpose to improve or add to 
>   the standard RH installation and they should include things like 
>   the Indy Logos, improved LILO, Gimp Manual etc.
> - Creation of an Indy User Manual or How do we do things or how we
>   are different. This is not your standard HOW-TO/Mini HOW-TO
>   documentation. 
>   I am thinking something more like a gouge, short text with just the 
>   required information on it, and references to the Official RH
>   Manuals which are available at http://www.redhat/support/manuals/
>   and 
>   http://www.redhat/apps/support/documentation.html with the points 
>   to where we do things different than RH. Copies of these manuals 
>   may be provided with our Applications.

I like this idea for a starting thing. As far as im concerned, in the
future when much work has been done that Indy should be a stand-alone
distro without the need to install RH first or install any RH ISOs.
Yes, you did say that there would be the option of installing Indy
stuph at install time but that raises the question, Do we want everyone
who wishes to install Indy to be forced to obtain RedHat AND Indy
packages/ISO or can we somehow make it that Indy is "standalone" where
the user does not have to "know" that it is based on RedHat? (that is
the user only has to have an Indy CD, ISO or download)

I dont know if i am explaining myself clearly so i will try to put
this another way.

Are we planning to have everyone NEED a copy of RH to use Indy? Can
we just ship the parts of RH that we need in Indy so that it is
transpearent to the end-user?

> Your comments please ...

I dont know if my comments were clear/understand or even make sense.
> Regards
> Dinos Kouroushaklis
> dinos@bigfoot.com

Ryan Thomson



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