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Re: Re: distro or add-on?

On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, Dinos Kouroushaklis wrote:
> date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 02:42:49 +0400
> To: independence-l@independence.seul.org
> From: Dinos Kouroushaklis <dinos@bigfoot.com>
> Reply-To: independence-l@independence.seul.org
> Subject: Re: distro or add-on?
> At 03:35 рм 19/04/2001 +0000, -cEnsE- <cense@mail.ru> wrote:
> >As JFM stated, i did volunteer to help out where i can but to what extent
> >i will be able, i dont know.
> Welcome and good luck in your programming endeavors. About time ...
> Yes we all know that we may all mean well but may not have the time.
> >I was not stating that Indy should just pretend its not RedHat under the
> >but i was just wondering whether someone who wants Indy would have to
> >RH first. I dont think that would be good.
> Indy has always been (AFAIK) a RedHat derivative that is an
> improved distribution but the fact that it is a distribution is making
> it harder for it to catch on. I still feel and think that an add-on
> package is the way to go.
> What about this? An add-on package and a distribution provided it takes
> minimal work to setup. So what I am saying is let us give the chance to
> existing RedHat users to try Indy (maybe even with an uninstall option)
> and if they like it they can keep it. Next time they can get the Indy
> distribution ISO from wherever. I think I just made a 180 degree turn
> but this is another option and I am interested to investigate all
> available options. In the end it all depends on how much work is
> involved on this. I still like the add-on since there is so much
> information on installing RH and then you just slap on the Indy package
> and you have a much friendlier desktop machine.

Ok, I agree with you here. Both is better than just one. That would
take more effort and time but in the end i see it as more desirable.
I dont think i ever disliked the idea of the add-on but i was just
wondering if it was going to be the only way.

> Sorry for the rambling.

Rambling is good sometimes.
> JFM:
> Which one is easier to do?
> The add-on or the distribution?
> Which one is faster to fix after a new RH release?
> How much time does each take (roughly)?
> Later
> Dinos dinos@bigfoot.com


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