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Re: (FWD) Re: Resurrecting Indy - Food for thought

On Wed, 18 Apr 2001 10:07:22 +0300, independence-l@independence.seul.org

>  At 01:48 рм 18/04/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>  >From: Ryan Thomson -cEnsE- <cense@mail.ru> (RT)
>  >RT > I like this idea for a starting thing. As far as im concerned, in
>  >RT > future when much work has been done that Indy should be a
>  >RT > distro without the need to install RH first or install any RH ISOs.
>  >RT > Yes, you did say that there would be the option of installing Indy
>  >RT > stuph at install time but that raises the question, Do we want
>  >RT > who wishes to install Indy to be forced to obtain RedHat AND Indy
>  >RT > packages/ISO or can we somehow make it that Indy is "standalone"
>  >RT > the user does not have to "know" that it is based on RedHat? (that
>  >RT > the user only has to have an Indy CD, ISO or download)
>  >RT >
>  >RT > I dont know if i am explaining myself clearly so i will try to put
>  >RT > this another way.
>  >RT >
>  >RT > Are we planning to have everyone NEED a copy of RH to use Indy? Can
>  >RT > we just ship the parts of RH that we need in Indy so that it is
>  >RT > transparent to the end-user?
>  There are points that I agree with you and some that I have a different 
>  opinion.
>  We do not need to exclude the existing RH users.
>  What is more important? To pass as another distribution or a make
>  Linux easier for the end user? I think it is the second.
>  Yes, we could have an Indy CD by it self as well as Indy as an add
>  on to RH but that will probably complicate things and slow us down
>  as it has in the past or even worse which we do not want to have
>  happening again.
>  Going as a different distro with just one Developer (JFM) is very hard.
>  Going as an add-on for RH is much easier (?JFM). In the first case our
>  audience is people who will be interested in changing their distribution.
>  In the second case our audience is all the current RH users who might be
>  interested in making their distribution easier to use.

I've just joined the list, and now I'm confused...from reading the website,
I thought that Indy's primary audience was NEW users. And that was what
attracted me. I am not a developer, I am not a programmer of any kind, I am
simply a user who is tired of Windows, and who wants a workable alternative.

I bought Mandrake 7.0 a year ago, but I still use Windows every day, and it
may be another year before I stop. Why? Because my experience so far has
been that Linux is still an OS for people who love to work IN their
computers, as opposed to simply working WITH their computers. I enjoy
driving, but I am not an automobile mechanic, and I don't want to become
one. I enjoy using my computer, but I am not a programmer, and I don't want
to become one. I don't need a half-dozen text editors, another half-dozen
terminal programs, and another half-dozen desktops. If you can truly
maintain the user focus that I picked up from your website, then I believe
Indy deserves to be a distro. And I'll be glad to help however a non-geek,
non-programmer can.

Elwin G.

ps..also, I would imagine that people who have never tried Linux before
would be the largest audience of all.

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