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Indy closed choice ?

I read the future of "Indy" thread with passion.
I agree the idea of an "add-on" allow to spend more
time on what is close to the user than re-inventing
the wheel.
As time is scarce, it is probably a wise decision.

I understand Jean Francois point of view regarding his
selection of a distribution.
He seems to be mostly the only one working on it. So I
agree with him on the fact he can decide what ever he
feel is a good choice.

Meanwhile, I have some difficulty to understand the
apathy of most people on this list regarding the
choice proposed.

I feel it is a little bit too totalitarian one.
Linux is about choices, why focus on one distribution

Can't Indy evolve one more step and be distribution
independent ?

Why restrict to one choice and penalize all the users
of others distributions ?

Just a thought.


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