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Re: distro or add-on?

-cEnsE- a écrit :

> On Sat, 21 Apr 2001, Jean Francois Martinez wrote:
> > I would say you are putting the plough before the oxen.  Because the
> immediate
> > problem is build Indy.   We willl see later for the add-on versus full
> distrib.
> >
> > My personal taste is to make a full distrib (for motivation) as long as I
> don't
> >
> > have resources for both.  But if I get them then I would like to have an
> add-on
> > too since this would make Indy more useful.
> >
> >                                                 JFM
> Alrighty then. Full distro it is. If you have any immediate tasks that need to
> get done, could you please send any ones i could possibly do?
> Im just eager to get working.
> --
> cEnsE,
>   Project Nothing
>     http://projectnothing.netfirms.com/
>   KLP (KingLocust Productions)
>     http://projectnothing.netfirms.com/klp/

Could you begin taking a look at Mandrake installation?   For now
only the general architecture (what files drive it, how it adjusts to
disk space and so on).

I have failed to locate the source of Mandrake 8 installation.
I will try to give you an URL tomorrow.   But Mandrake 7.2 has
about the same install so in case you have it on CD no need to
look for Mandrake 8.