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I can agree with all that made the jump from windozzzzzzz 9z to linux. I
tried a number, settling on Mandrake, till my hard drive blew up. I've also
played a bit with Peanut Linux. 55Mb download. 500 Mb. of drive. Should work
on the 1 Gig I've got kickin around for trials. I've tried linux on my own,
starting with older RH and Slack 7. BAD IDEA! Mandrake was easiest for my
use. Still, if Indy were done and out there for us pathetic windozzzzz
lozers.... Still confined to windozzzz on my kids computer.
Scott in Mich. =8:^)
"I love my country, it's the government I'm afraid of!"
$14.95 Internet/ 3/min. Long Distance!