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Re: [Fwd: BOUNCE independence-l@independence.seul.org: Non-member submission from ["Scott Nimtz" <fiberoptik@myexcel.com>]]

> I can agree with all that made the jump from windozzzzzzz 9z to linux. I
> tried a number, settling on Mandrake, till my hard drive blew up. I've also
> played a bit with Peanut Linux. 55Mb download. 500 Mb. of drive. Should work
> on the 1 Gig I've got kickin around for trials. I've tried linux on my own,
> starting with older RH and Slack 7. BAD IDEA! Mandrake was easiest for my
> use. Still, if Indy were done and out there for us pathetic windozzzzz
> lozers.... Still confined to windozzzz on my kids computer.
> Scott in Mich. =8:^)

First of all: I hate arrogant Linux users speaking about windoz losers.   You were
speaking about yourself so this is different.

Second: It is a misconception to think that easy distributions are beginners distribs.
There is a such Linus Torvalds who does not ran any of the difficult Linux distribs,
only the easy ones.  and he is not an isolated case in kernel circles where people
just want a distro who gets most things right out of the box so they can return to
their programming tasks instead of having to read HOWTOS in order to get printer

Third: When Kennedy said "Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you
can do for your country" he meant the country derived its power from its citizens so it
could do nothing to help them if they didn't help it in the first place.  Indy can not do
miracles and it will do only what people interested by the idea will do for it.