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Indy Archives Re: Indy should aim at desktop and home users

At 08:58 μμ 20/04/2001 -0700, SteelHead <brk@slip.net> wrote:
>BTW, Finding the list archives is a real pisser, how about a link from
>the front page to the archives?

For all those interested, I modified over the weekend the footer of the
site and in most pages you will see a link to the list archives.
You will find it below "Mailing list subscriptions" by following the link
"View the Mailing List Archives".

The url for the archives is http://www.seul.org/archives/independence-l/ .

This might not be the best place of all but it is good to have it
somewhere on all the pages.

I will start making the changes you requested in the past one at a time
and let you know of the progress as it actually happens. Let me know of
any additional changes.