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Re: Sodipodi vs Sketch and Killustrator

on 4/23/01 6:39 PM, Jean Francois Martinez at jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> BTW what is the difference betwee a CAD program like QCAD and a vector
> graphics
> program?

CAD is precision vector graphics, it also remembers spatial arrangements,
2-D drawings have been used historically to represent 3-D parts. CAD is able
to take 2-D drawings and render them as 3-D, with precision alignment.
Vector Graphics Drawing programs are not precise, they only have to be
looked at. CAD files typically will run computer controlled machinery and so
have to have absolute as possible precision. Cad is infinitely more complex
than Vector Graphics.

I will try installing those other programs and see whtat happens. My hope is
that corel will relaease it's drawing procgram for linux as it has done with
some of it's other programs

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