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Re: Sodipodi vs Sketch and Killustrator

Darin Lang a écrit :

> I would be willing to try these, I am a graphic designer. I have used
> Killustrator and found it extremely difficult and unwieldy. I am using
> version 0.7.1, the current version. Sketch doesn't run on Xfree86 and it
> says it is not ready for general use,

Sketch  _does_  run on Xfree86. I have tried it (but cannot evaluate it since
I know nothing about vector graphics).  However on a distro like Slackware who
does not check dependencies there is a 99% chance your problem is due to a
missing component like Python or PIL (Python Imaging Library).  I think PIL
is not shipped in Slackware.  Old Sketch uses TK and is ugly.

> and Sodipodi says it is not ready for
> general use yet either, besides it comes only as an RPM which does not work
> with Slackware Linux.

Alien can convert RPMs into tgzs for Slackware, I think alien is inckluded in

> Killustrator is probably the best bet, although it
> needs work and none has been done on it since Fall of 1999 according to the
> web site.
>     I have Illustrator, Freehand, Extreme 3D, AutoCAD, Flash, Fireworks and
> others on both the Mac and Win98. So I am spoiled and there is no way I
> could get any work done with KIllustrator. But for very simple stuff it is
> serviceable.

The freeware vector graphics programs in Linux are not in that league and I
know of any commercial one.   Linux has the GIMP and also very good raytracers
and modellers (including Renderman, Maya, the modeller used for Mozilla and
more).  But in vector graphics I fear we will have to look for the less bad.

BTW what is the difference betwee a CAD program like QCAD and a vector graphics