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Re: NesForge Article :: Independence Linux wants to rise like a Phoenix

SteelHead a écrit :

> Nice press piece
> Independence Linux, or Indy, as is it affectionately known by the
> developers, is billed as the distribution that belongs to "all of us."
> The coders who are working on this project liken themselves to the
> revolutionaries who broke free from the aristocracy of Great Britain,
> saying, "It is built by volunteers who no longer accept having an
> aristocracy of distribution designers providing solutions who have
> little relation to the problems faced by us, Linux users. It is built by
> people who don't accept that present distributions time and again
> neglect two areas who are vital for Linux future: the desktop and the
> personal computer."
> snip  ......
> http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=01/04/20/1238217
> bill

Arrgh.  This is not precisely what I wanted to communicate.  But I was
contacted by a Newsforge journalist and she told me to send her a summary
about Indy before tuesday morning.   I started the text but at 3 or 4 am I
to give up.   I thought she would not publish about us so I didn't ask her
hold out.   But she did and unfortunately she based on a web site I am less

than happy about