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Re: Sodipodi vs Sketch and Killustrator

I would be willing to try these, I am a graphic designer. I have used
Killustrator and found it extremely difficult and unwieldy. I am using
version 0.7.1, the current version. Sketch doesn't run on Xfree86 and it
says it is not ready for general use, and Sodipodi says it is not ready for
general use yet either, besides it comes only as an RPM which does not work
with Slackware Linux. Killustrator is probably the best bet, although it
needs work and none has been done on it since Fall of 1999 according to the
web site.

    I have Illustrator, Freehand, Extreme 3D, AutoCAD, Flash, Fireworks and
others on both the Mac and Win98. So I am spoiled and there is no way I
could get any work done with KIllustrator. But for very simple stuff it is

I appreciate everyone's comments and helpful hints about Linux, but I am not
really interested in blowing another $50 on a different distro that will
handle all my problems. I am extremely jaded. lol Right now it does what I
need it to do almost (if I could only get sendmail working), and I am
completely apathetic about the prospect of more tweaking, with the memories
of my last adventure still so fresh in my mind.

on 4/22/01 7:56 PM, Jean Francois Martinez at jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> Could someone interested in vector graphics try to compare Sodipodi,
> Sketch ad Killustrator?
> Indy's philosopy is to include only the best.not to have users finding
> their way between dozens of redundant programs.

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