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Re: ok

> In message <Pine.GSO.3.96.980730123458.21312A-100000@pegasus.rutgers.edu>, elflord@pegasus.rutgers.edu writes:
> >> If you guys want to use more than about 400 megs, we should reconsider
> >> and probably put the ftp archive on belegost:
> >
> >In the short term, this is not that likely. In the long term, it is quite
> >possible. Moving to Belegost would be a little trick because if the
> >repository is on there, I really need the website there as well. 
> >
> >What would be involved in moving the website to belegost if we had to do
> >it ? WOuld this be problematic name-wise ?
> Wouldn't be hard; belegost is already virthosting as seul.org and
> mirrors.seul.org, it would just be another one. We'd have to switch
> where www.independence.seul.org pointed to, but that isn't tough to
> do.

For now we don't need above 400 megs for our addenda.  What would
require space would be a full RH 5.1 distrib so that by joining thelm
to our RPMs we get a full distrib.  It is good for morale to be able
to show a "complete" product.

Does your security policy allow NFSing both boxes?  If the answer is
yes then with a few symlinks the rest is easy.

			Jean Francois Martinez

The worthy man is the one who would drink muddy water if such were the
water of truth.