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Re: ok

>For now we don't need above 400 megs for our addenda.  What would
>require space would be a full RH 5.1 distrib so that by joining thelm
>to our RPMs we get a full distrib.  It is good for morale to be able
>to show a "complete" product.

[root@cran etc]# df
Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/hda1             495714  264758   205355     56%   /
/dev/hda3            1435727  984611   376928     72%   /home

(This is with the current independence ftp site installed on /home)

There is some room for more, but not much. Note that there are other
projects using the machine, so I'd like to leave a couple hundred megs
free in case they suddenly need to use them.

>Does your security policy allow NFSing both boxes?  If the answer is
>yes then with a few symlinks the rest is easy.

Do you have any idea how many attacks I've had on port 111 in the past
year? I'm glad I'm not running a real portmapper on my machines (it's
a trap, when there's something there at all). I can tell you a dozen
different buffer overflows, each of which works against a different
version of portmapper.

In my copious free time, I have been looking into compiling cfs with a
hardcoded udp port, so it will work locally without requiring a portmapper.
But I don't think this maps over very well to the nfs problem.

I think the correct solution, when you guys need more space, is to move
things over to belegost.

I think you guys should try to get more popular, and find a site that has
a couple gigs free for you, if you want to store an entire redhat
distribution plus new packages. :) For instance, if you get farther along
in your project, sunsite might be amenable......