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Re: shared file

> Roberto Alsina wrote:
> I am actually writing a HOWTO on making KDE and Gnome live happily on
> your
> desktop.  Many people mistakenly believe that installing Gnome will kill
> KRN and that installing KDE will Kill the Gimp.
> Sure it makes little to no sense but there needs to be a document that
> flatly debunks this and many other Desktop war myths.
> Besides such a thing would probably increase independence traffic to the
> point where we could advertise for VAReserch and earn a 9 Gig SCSI for
> the SEUL server :)
> -- 
> "So let me get this straight," one IBM lawyer said. 
> "We're doing a deal with . . . a Web site?"
> http://www.forbes.com/forbes/98/0810/6209094a.htm  For context.
> mailto:forgeltd@usa.net  http://www.independence.seul.org

Yay! Just what we need :)
Can I see the draft of your HOWTO Kevin?
We should probably put selections from it on the Desktop README, and a
link to the full thing.

                              S. Lockwood