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Re: shared file

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Roberto Alsina wrote:

> Yeah. I always get a nice laugh when people say KDE is a windows clone, 
> and that's why they use GNOME :-)

Actually, they are probably talking about kwm. A lot of people still think
that KDE is a fancy Window manager. The KDE people need to convince the
rest of the world that KDE not only isn't kwm, but that KDE does not
depend on kwm, and that kwm is to KDE as krn is to KDE. (ie just another

For this to happen, the KDE team need to make more effort to make
sure the components work without the window manager. 

At present, the main reason some people seem to choose GNOME over KDE
is simply that they dislike kwm .  This can't be helped. Everyone  has
their favourite window manager, and no matter how good yours is, there
are people who won't like it. So the only way to cater for them is to
convince them that the kde suite will work with the other things.

This kind of thing really should go into the HOWTO, since as you point
out, there has been a lot of fudding going on about all of this. 

BTW, one thing I would like to know is this : 

Does kvt have Xresources ? as far as I can tell, it doesn't (and GNOME
have dilligently mimicked this omission ) 

I was hoping to find a nice way to set the default term type to

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