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Re: KDE-Gnome FAQ

I basically like it, but...

a)  GIMP is not a GNOME app, I believe, I suggest you ask a GIMP 
developer or something to verify anyway.



On Mon, 10 Aug 1998, Kevin Forge wrote:

> Myth : Drag and Drop doesn't work between KDE and Gnome apps.
> Well KDE is switching to XDnD in it's next version ( currently in CVS )
> which should be in BETA the same time as the next version of Gnome 
> which will also use XDnD.

As far as I know, the GNOME guys have never promissed to support XDnD any 
time soon. They will implement Motif drag and drop and said they will 
sometime in the future "solve it by using multiprotocol dnd", but that 
doesn't sound nowhere near next version. As far as I can tell they are 
still using their Xde protocol.

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